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At under 5kg, The Rocket Powerhead AH450 offers the cleaning power of a heavy-duty upright in an ultra-light vacuum.

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Innovative Features

  • Optimal Air Path Efficiency

    We reduced the distance dirt travels from floor to dust cup by 80%. A shorter suction path gives optimized cleaning efficiency & ability.

  • Vacuum Weight on the Floor

    We targeted the downward force of the cleaning head by putting nearly all the vacuum's weight directly where it counts—on the floor, not in your hand.

  • Dynamic Power Steering

    Advanced steering technology makes the Rocket Powerhead incredibly manoeuverable between, around & under furniture.

  • Changing the Shark Brushroll

    You can lift the tab for instant access to your brushroll. There’s no belt to mess with and no plates to unscrew. Just remove, clean, and replace. Simple!

Happy Shark Owners

  • "The Powerhead is definitely the best vacuum I've ever had!"

  • "I can get in nooks & crannies and get out all the pet hair that's lurking."

  • "The perfect vacuum for people who have pets... It sucks all the hair up."

  • "I am literally doing the whole house in half the time it took me before"

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