Explained: Shark’s Cleaning Technologies

Shark is known for creating innovative cleaning technologies, from vacuums that help to prevent hair wrapping, to smart vacuums that detect debris. Wondering how they work, and which ones you really need?

Here’s a quick guide to Shark’s best tech:

Anti Hair Wrap Technology

If anyone in your household has long hair, you’ll know how it can become tightly wrapped around a traditional vacuum cleaner’s brush-roll, and require cutting away. This wrapped hair can affect cleaning performance as it builds up.

Shark created Anti Hair Wrap Technology to actively remove long, short and pet hair from the brush-roll as you clean, using a bristle-guard to keep it separate and suck it up into the dust cup. Goodbye tangles, hello better cleaning performance.

Anti Hair Wrap Plus

Exclusively available on the Shark Stratos range, Anti Hair Wrap Plus delivers Shark’s best ever hair pick-up. This enhanced brush-roll design easily cleans up all types of hair and removes it from the brush-roll, so you don’t have to.

DuoClean Technology

Got a mix of carpets and hard floors? Combining 2 brush-rolls in 1 floorhead, Shark’s signature DuoClean Technology revolutionised vacuum cleaning. Glide seamlessly across all floor types – no need to stop or change floorhead. We replaced the vacuum’s front wall with a soft brush-roll to actively draw in dust and debris, rather than “snowploughing” or pushing it away.


Some DuoClean vacuum cleaners are enhanced with PowerFins, expertly engineered with flexible cleaning fins and bristles in a chevron pattern, providing continuous cleaning contact with both carpets and hard floors. Unlike a standard brush-roll, there are no gaps where dirt may be missed.


Want a vacuum cleaner than bends so you don’t have to? Shark’s Flexology vacuums bend in the middle to easily reach underneath low furniture such as coffee tables. At the touch of a button, they also fold down for freestanding storage – great if you’re short on cupboard space. Available on cordless and corded stick models.

Lift-Away & Powered Lift-Away

There’s more than meets the eye to Shark’s upright vacuum cleaners. Far from traditional, our powerful uprights can transform into lightweight vacuums at the touch of a button – simply lift the detachable unit away to go portable and clean anywhere in comfort.

Lift-Away is perfect for cleaning stairs, sofas and up high, while Powered Lift-Away maintains electricity to the floorhead in portable mode, so that you can also clean underneath furniture.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

If someone in your household suffers with allergies or asthma, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal might help you breathe easier at home. Unlike some vacuums which don’t effectively seal their filters in, Shark encloses our high efficiency filters within a completely sealed vacuum cleaner unit. The only route out for the air is through the filter, capturing and trapping 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum*.

Anti-Odour Technology


Over time, pet hair, dust and dander can cause odours inside your vacuum cleaner. With Anti-Odour Technology, a unique cartridge system protects against dust cup odours for a fresher-smelling home. Simply insert the Anti-Odour Technology dial into the floorhead and rotate to select an intensity setting.

Clean Sense IQ

Only available on cordless vacuum cleaners from the advanced Shark Stratos range, Clean Sense IQ automatically senses the dirt you can’t see and adjusts cleaning power for up to 50% more dirt pick-up**.

Tackle dirt above and below the surface, with optimised suction performance. Watch it in action – an LED indicator in the floorhead illuminates to show the suction level ramp up and decrease.

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