Shark Vacuum Cleaning Tips

Our cleaning tip videos will help you to set up and maintain your Shark Vacuum.

Scroll down to view a variety of handy tips for both Shark Rotator and Shark Rocket. Check back regularly for updated cleaning tips!

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Shark Rotator NV750

  • What do I do if I notice a change in suction?

  • How do I use the TruePet™ Mini Motorized Hand Tool?

  • How do I clean with the pet upholstery brush?

  • How do I clean with the crevice tool?

  • How do I clean with the under appliance wand?

  • How do I clean with the dusting brush?

  • Maintaining The Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum

  • How Do I Clean Above Floors With Handle or Wand?

Shark Rocket AH450

  • Cleaning with the Carpet Brushroll

  • Cleaning with the Gentle Touch Hard Floor Brushroll

  • Removing & Cleaning the Brushrolls

  • Assembly of the Brushroll Holster

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