Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket S3901

Get 2-in-1 steam cleaning power with a professional quality mop and handheld steamer. The Steam Pocket mop scrubs, sanitises and dries your floors in seconds for a feel-good clean without the use of chemicals. 

With 115oC of supercharged, grime-busting steam to blast hidden dirt and grime.

Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Cleaner

Intelligent Steam Control™

A professional quality mop that delivers professional results.

Offering three distinct steam settings - Dust, Mop, Scrub; each one ideal for different floor surfaces and specific cleaning needs.

Select more steam for tough cleaning tasks like stuck-on dirt or heavy traffic areas, less for everyday cleaning, or very light steam for light dusting and delicate surfaces.

With the press of a button, remove the portable Handheld Steamer to steam clean and sanitise above-floor surfaces.



Steam Pocket

Provide twice the cleaning area of other mops, with just a quick flip of the steam head.

Custom Cleaning Control

Three settings — dust, mop and scrub — give you just the right amount of steam for each cleaning job.

Instant Steam On Demand Ready to use in 25 seconds or less, the water tank remains cool and can be filled at any time.

Portable Handheld Steamer

Removable steamer cleans and sanitises countertops, tabletops, walls, mirrors, windows, stairs, shelves and other similar surfaces. Also steams curtains and fabrics.


Shark Steam Cleaner Reviews

  • Jo

    "I come across it by pure mistake and it turned out to be a gem... For the first time, my dark chocolate floors are clean and it is just so easy with the "Professional Steam Pocket".

  • Suzanne

    "Absolutely love my Shark steam mop...it is the best purchase I have made. Everyone that comes to my house wants to borrow it. LOVE IT...LOVE IT...LOVE IT!"

  • Jess

    "This is absolutely the best tool in my house. It is perfect for cleaning ceramic tiles, as well as dusting my hardwood floors. I I can't get enough of this great product!"

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Shark Steam Cleaner Tips

  • Sweep or Vacuum Your Floor

    We recommend a Shark Vacuum to work in conjunction with the steam mop for a complete cleaning system.

  • Perfect For Sanitising

    Steam Mops provide 99.9% sanitisation** and are great for cleaning up stuck on dirt, grime and footprints.

  • Regular Maintenance is Key

    Daily spot cleaning is recommended to keep dirt and grime from building up in your home.


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Shark Steam Cleaner FAQs

  • What warranty do I get with my Shark Pocket?

    Every Shark Steam Pocket comes with a 1 year warranty - click here to view

  • How will I know when my goods have been dispatched?

    As soon as we've dispatched your order, you'll receive an email from us confirming the details of your purchase and that it has been dispatched.

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the Steam Mop?

    Weight: 3.1kg

    Height: 120cm

    Cord: 7m

  • Can I use the Shark Steam Pocket Mop on all floor surfaces?

    The Shark Steam Pocket Mop is designed for use on most hard floor surfaces. We recommend that you first test an isolated area of the floor surface to be cleaned as well as review the use and care instructions from your floor manufacturer.

    Surfaces/Material where the steam mop should NOT be used:

    1. Wax polished furniture or floors.

    2. Unsealed or unglazed ceramic floors, unsealed wooden and wax floors and some no wax floors.

    3. In cases of surfaces treated with wax and some no-wax floors, the sheen may be removed by heat or steam action of the unit. Test an isolated area of flooring first to see if sheen is affected.

    Steam mops are ideal for: (See Manual for usage instructions).

    1. Laminate

    2. Bamboo

    3. Hardwood

    4. Marble

    5. Tile

    6. Stone

  • How long will it take my steam mop to heat up?

    The steam mop is ready to clean in about 30 seconds.

  • Can I use an additional cleaning solution?

    Shark Steam Mops are designed to deliver effective, chemical-free cleaning and sanitization with just ordinary tap water. Using any type of cleaning solution, perfumed oils or other chemical cleaner with your steam mop is not recommended. These products can have damaging affects to your steam mop and defeat the benefits of chemical-free cleaning.

    Do not use anything other than water in the unit. Shark recommends using distilled water in your steam mop. Sharks water filtration bottle is also recommended to extend your mop's life and reduce the potential build-up of hard water residue in the unit which may contribute to steam performance issues.

  • How do I take care of the pads?

    It is important to wash the pads in order to remove any loose lint or fibers from the pad that might have occurred in packaging or in transport. Pads should be washed with liquid detergent as powder can leave a residue behind. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners as well. Dry pads on a low dryer setting or line dry.

    Frequency of use, the type of cleaning (heavy/light) and how often the pads are washed and dried all determine the life of the pads and when new pads are required. Under normal household conditions, using the mop for routine cleaning a few times per week, we recommend new pads every 2-3 months.

  • How and when should I use the Carpet Glider?

    The Carpet Glider should be used with the all-purpose head to groom and freshen your carpet and area rugs by lightly applying steam to the carpet or rug fibers. To use, attach the Mop Head and place on the Carpet Glider attachment. Press the ON/STANDBY button three times to select the Scrub Steam Setting. When your mop is ready, steam carpets with a back and forth motion.

  • How do I clean the nozzle?

    Calcification and mineral deposits can build up and impact the performance of your steam mop over time. To clean the nozzle, unplug mop head from unit. If recently used, make sure the unit is completely cooled before proceeding. You will need a small diameter metal wire, such as a straightened paper clip. Carefully insert the end of the wire into the nozzle orifice and move the wire back and forth several times, removing any deposits from the orifice. Plug in appliance and test steam output.

  • How do I use the Handheld Steamer on my steam mop?

    To remove the Handheld Steamer, press the release buttons located on the mop body and then lift the Handheld Steamer away from the mop.

    The Handheld Steamer comes with multiple attachments designed specifically for your routine and toughest cleaning jobs. With your steamer, you receive the Direct Steam Nozzle, Accessory Hose, and Flat Scrubber Tool.

    The Handheld Steamer has additional attachments available to help you clean even more areas of your home. These attachments include the Garment Steamer, Cylinder Cleaning tool, Squeegee Tool, Wedge Tool and Detail Brush.

    The Handheld Steamer is programmed to function on one steam setting that is optimized for all your above-the-floor cleaning needs, as well as garment steaming fabrics and upholstery.

    The Handheld Steamer is designed to clean surfaces that will withstand high heat and moisture. Surfaces such as counter tops, sinks, ranges, and appliances can all be cleaned, as well as objects in your home like, golf clubs, toys, jewellery and staircase railings.

    Do not use on unsealed wood surfaces (especially wooden antique furniture), unglazed ceramic tile, painted surfaces or surfaces that have been treated with wax, oils, varnishes, or shellac.


** Based on independent ASTM F1977 - 04 (Initial, Fractional, Filtration Efficiency of a Vacuum Cleaner System) testing



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