How Can I Vacuum My Carpeted Stairs Thoroughly Yet Safely?

Vacuuming stairs is one of the most dangerous cleaning jobs there is. Not only is it awkward, it’s potentially dangerous if the right precautions aren’t taken. Nevertheless, it’s a job that needs doing regularly — and as it’s one of the high-traffic areas of the home it’s one of the most challenging.

But you can make life easier for yourself. With the right approach and the best possible tools for the job, stair cleaning doesn’t have to be a cleaning chore you dread.

1. Pick up the big stuff

Before you start vacuuming, climb your stairs, and pick up the large bits of debris that tends to accumulate over time. You should also ensure that there’s nothing standing in your way, as even the smallest of items can become a very dangerous tripping hazard. Dust banisters, skirting and other surfaces before you begin.

2. Set your vacuum up for success

It’s important to have the best vacuum for stairs and pet hair if you’re going to do the most effective job possible. If possible, go with a handheld, detachable vacuum cleaner with a full complement of accessories. This will make negotiation stairs a lot safer, and you’ll be able to mount it on your back — leaving both your hands free. For added mobility, choose a cordless vacuum, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over a trailing wire.

Tip: Make sure your vacuum cleaner is ready to go before you take the first step.

3. Start with the corners

Check the corners of each step, and you’ll probably see an accumulation of dust and general debris. These are the trickiest areas to vacuum, so you’ll probably need a slim attachment to access them. The best vacuum for stairs in 2018 can be found via a simple Google search. When you’re comparing models, look for customer reviews on how effective they are on stairs.

Slowly and deliberately, work your way up the stairs. Run the attachment you’ve chosen along the edges of each stop, and spend extra time sucking up the dust in the corners. Walk up your stairs first, and then do a double sweep on your way down.

4. Change to a wider attachment

A great way to clean stairs is to take care of the corners and edges on the way up, and take care of the main horizontal and vertical surfaces on the way down. Replace the thinner attachment you used for the corners with a wider one — preferably with a brush. If you have a motorised attachment, all the better. Run the attachment slowly over each step, making sure the brush digs deep into the pile to disturb hidden dust and dirt. Perform the same deliberate action for the vertical surface of each step.

A few additional tips for vacuuming carpeted stairs

  • Try to vacuum your stair carpet daily. Keeping it fresh and clean at all times will actually make cleaning easier for you — and keep your carpet looking like new 
  • Lightweight vacuum cleaners are best.
  • Try to clean stair carpets when there’s someone else with you — just in case you have an accident.
  • Brush your carpet by hand before vacuuming to free any dirt and dust that is lodged within the fibres.
  • Go cordless to remove a serious tripping hazard.
  • Keep both arms free for cleaning by mounting a detachable vacuum cleaner on your shoulder or back.

Whether your stairs are carpeted or made with wood, you can start your search for the best cleaning solution by searching the Internet for the “best vacuum for stairs and hardwood floors consumer reports”. Try it out in-store if you can, and choose the option that you feel most comfortable with – as that’s very important when your cleaning and climbing at the same time.

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