Should I Buy A Refurbished Or Reconditioned Vacuum Cleaner?

There are lots of ways to bag a bargain on your next vacuum cleaner, from discount codes and email offers to seasonal sales – but have you considered buying a refurbished vacuum cleaner?

‘Refurbished’ or ‘reconditioned’ appliances have been returned and expertly restored to work – and look – as good as new. That means you could grab a nearly-new vac at a wallet-friendly price.

But where can you buy a refurbished Shark vacuum, how do they compare to new vacuums, and what should you avoid?

Tips for buying a refurbished vacuum cleaner:

Look out for the words ‘Certified Refurbished’

You should only buy refurbished goods from authorised sellers, as this means the item has been professionally inspected, cleaned and restored to standards approved by the manufacturer. 

Remember it’s what’s inside that counts

Refurbished products may have minor cosmetic imperfections and will not be in their original packaging, but are in full working order and include accessories. So don’t worry if your reconditioned vacuum has a few small scratches or comes in a plain box.

In fact, Shark’s official refurb partner aims to use brown paper and plain brown cardboard where possible to avoid adding any additional plastic or non-recyclable materials into the refurbished product.

Check the condition

Refurbished goods on eBay are categorised as Certified, Excellent, Very Good and Good. ‘Certified’ is the label that guarantees your item will be in a condition approved by the brand. Keep an eye out to make sure you know which you’re getting before you buy.

Do you get a warranty?

Refurbished appliances don’t always come with the same extended warranty as buying brand new. 

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