Top Tips To Maintain Your Shark Vacuum

Whether you have a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner, regular maintenance is simple and helps to keep your unit’s suction power optimal. Always turn off your vacuum before performing any maintenance.

Woman vacuuming under her sofa using Shark corded upright HZ500UKT flexology | top tips to maintain your shark vacuum


1. Empty the dust cup

Empty the dust cup each time you vacuum and periodically during cleaning, if debris reaches the MAX fill line.

Remove the dust cup using the release button(s), hold it over a bin and press the latch to empty the contents into the bin. Make sure you remove any debris build-up if needed.


2. Check for blockages

You can check for blockages in the floorhead, wand, hose and airways.

If you have an upright vacuum, first remove the handle and check if there is any suction once turned on – if not, there may be an obstruction in the handle or hose. If this section is clear, or if you have a stick vacuum, look through the wand to ensure nothing has become lodged in the pipe. You can also shine a torch into the hose. Finally, check the arm of the floorhead – where you connect the wand – for blockages.


3. Clean your filters

Your vacuum cleaner’s filters do an important job, removing dust and allergens from the air sucked in by your vacuum. If the dust that they trap isn’t regularly cleaned away they can become blocked, which can result in poor suction over time.

Remove the filters, tap off any loose dirt, hand wash using just water and allow to dry completely for 24 hours before re-inserting.


4. Clean your brush-rolls

Floorheads with one brush-roll: Detach the floorhead from your vacuum and remove any debris from the bristles. Some models have a removable section of the base for access to the brush-roll – check your instruction booklet for details. Carefully use scissors within the brush-roll groove to cut away any string, hair or debris wrapped around the brush-roll.

DuoClean floorheads: DuoClean floorheads have two brush-rolls – a bristle brush-roll and a soft front roller. To clean the bristle brush-roll, remove the cover using the guide in your instruction booklet – remove any debris and clear away any dirt or blockages. To clean the soft front roller, simply tap off any loose debris, use a dry towel to wipe the brush-roll clean and remove any debris caught in the teeth behind the brush-roll. Hand wash if needed, using only water, and let it air dry completely for at least 24 hours before reinserting.

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